Plunge in the heart of the battle of Morat!

A vision with 360 of the tumult of the battle of Morat, ravelling under your eyes! Of a clic of mouse, you will find yourselves, June 22, 1476, in the heart of this major event of the history. It is the adventure which our site proposes to you by restoring the entirety of the imposing panorama of the battle of Morat (95 m length by 10.5 m in height), painted in 1893 per Louis Braun. The cinema had not been born. It was large the panorama which put in scene and told the great historical facts. Attraction of the Monolith of Morat during the Swiss National Expo 2002, the panorama tells the rout of the armies of the duke of Burgundy, defeats by the coalition of Swiss Confederates.

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